Thursday 31 January 2013

Featured Book - A Princess Of Fae

"If Douglas Adams had a love-child with J.R.R. Tolkien, and the child was raised by the creators of Monty'd end up with 'A Princess of Fae'," wrote a reviewer on Goodreads. (No, the author did not write that himself.)

An angel-faced young girl (looks are deceiving) recruits: (1) a famous warrior-hero (mistaken identity) who she read about in a book but found passed out under a table in a sleazy tavern; (2) an amazing wizard (amazingly awful, that is) who uses ordinary dirt for ‘magic dust;’ and (3) and a thief on the lam who is in deep [censored] for something he did back in the Malus Empire. Joined by a cowardly ogre and an eight year old stable boy with a degree from a famous university, she leads them on a special mission to a mysterious place named FaĆ«oria. Along the way they tame a dragon, steal a Magic Sword, evade Imperial soldiers, fight demons, fire their author and banish a pompous narrator. Being a bitchy little brat, she doesn’t tell them what . . .uh oh, she’s looking at me. Did I mention that her icy blue eyes can freeze a man’s blood . . .

This ebook is available on Amazon and Smashwords (if you don’t have a Kindle).

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