Wednesday 30 January 2013

Featured Book - Maureen Goes To Venice

Maureen is a fairly ordinary character who is generally blessed with good fortune.  Consequently, her life runs smoothly and without a hitch.  If that was all true, Maureen goes to Venice would probably be a dull, mundane read.  Fortunately, it isn’t true!  Maureen is a rather eccentric character and is plagued by disaster and farce wherever she goes.  No matter how well-meaning she may be, no matter how hard she tries, things just tend not to go her way!
Maureen’s break in Venice starts off badly and, well, just gets worse!  Soon after she arrives in this exquisite Italian city, she runs into William, a man she struggles to shake off for the entire holiday.  This comic novella will give you a taste of Italy and plenty of laughs as Maureen experiences Venice and faces a series of comic disasters.
Maureen goes to Venice was voted as one of the top three best short stories in The Best Indie Books of 2012 awards and selected as a recommended read of the month on the Goodreads UK Amazon Kindle forum.   I am delighted that readers have so taken to my comic character.  Maureen has been hailed as an atrocious monster, a fantastic, delightful, funny character, a cross between Hyacinth Bucket and Miranda, and Mrs Bean!  She has made readers laugh out loud but still elicited their sympathy as she struggles through her Venetian holiday. 
Readers have advised others to run in the opposite direction, should they ever meet Maureen in real life.  As the author, I would advise the very same!  However, she is just about safe enough to experience via your Kindle, so I’d be delighted for you to take a look!
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Thanks and, if you decide to get to know Maureen, good luck!

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