Sunday, 23 October 2016

Book Review - Black Pine Creek by David Haynes

I always look forward to the latest release from this author, so much so that any new release of his shoots straight to the top of my TBR list. This latest release did the same, and certainly disappoint.One of the main factors for being such a fan is that he takes a familiar concept, but brings something new.

While reading the book I was struck by a possible new measure for horror books - would it still be a good read with the horror elements removed? And in this case it would. The tale of Scott Draper and his last chance mining operation is an interesting tale in itself. The camaraderie of the characters (with certain exceptions) provides an excellent basis. The characters are well realised with contrasting personalities fitting together to make a greater whole. Not all the team are as richly drawn, and a couple of the lesser characters could maybe had a bit more history.

The horror element is masterly woven throughout. I love horror that builds tension and atmosphere rather relying on cheap shocks, and the author delivers. There's a definite sense of menace around the mining camp, and the evolution of the story. I also liked the fact that the presence isn't revealed too early.The setting is different from his previous books, and the level of research shows from the details.

I enjoyed the pacing, and the quality of the writing is what I've come to expect. He has a real craft to his writing. The author stands as one of my favourite contemporary horror writers, a must read for any fans of the genre.

Gold is all Scott Draper knows. Gold and darkness. A lifetime of mining has broken his life, estranged him from his daughter and left two dead men behind.

One last opportunity might turn things around – an abandoned mine in the icy Alaskan wilderlands. If he can bring his old crew together to help, they could all end up rich.

Draper knows that darkness always follows the gold. What he doesn’t know is that something even darker than his past, something nightmarish and ravenous, is waiting for them all in the shadows of Black Pine Creek.

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