Saturday, 23 March 2013

Book Impressions - The Troll Trap

Let me start by saying that this book probably wasn't written for me. You see I'm not a child and this is a children's story. There are some that would argue that really I am still a kid who has just kept growing over the years, but what do they know?

Now some would also say that an adult shouldn't read a story intended for children and to them I say "Phooey! You're talking out of your pooh hole!" If people listened to such talk then they would miss gems like this. In some ways it was quite refreshing to read a story that is essentially pure, it lives in the imagination. Although on a few occasions I did wonder if it was actually a clever allegory about immigration and new people adjusting to life in a strange land.

Whether that is the case or not is irrelevant, this is a fun story. Well written and full of the wonder I remember seeing in the world as a young boy. The book is illustrated with some charming cartoons. Well worth a read no matter what size child you are.

Rufus Sebbleford is the only boy in the world to have ever seen a real troll. So, when he finds out that trolls plan to attack Sludgeside School, he must stop them with the help of his good friend Polly. Meanwhile, the Super-Troll-Knobbly-Foot family decide to turn their backs on smelly bottoms and eating children. They don't want to be bad any more. So, they paint themselves orange and try to live like humans. However, being enormous, horned and slimy makes it difficult to blend in. Will Sludgeside ever be safe from the disgusting bad trolls and their horrifying leader, The Ogre of Uggle? A stinky, squelchy adventure packed with secret dens, tree climbing, troll traps and lots and lots of revolting smells. Reading age 8-10. Ideal to read aloud to younger children.

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