Saturday, 30 March 2013

An Odd Quartet Is Available For Free Download

An Odd Quartet is available for free download over Easter.

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A quartet of dark short stories (10,000 words) to thrill and chill.

The Yellow Lady
Grave robbing is a dirty business, in more ways than one. When he disturbs the grave from a childhood scary story he discovers it's not always treasure to be found.

This Empty Place
At the heat death of the universe, Death contemplates his existence.

Forced Entry
Terrorists seize an average suburban house. A Special Forces hostage rescue team is sent in and encounter more than they were trained for.

The Reluctant Demon
A young demon prepares to take his possession exam.

I'm pulling all my books out  of Select so this is likely to be my last free promo,so grab a copy while you can!

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