Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Book Impressions - Copy (Auto Series)

Copy is a story from David Wailing's Auto series. It's my first book from the series. I enjoyed reading it a lot, the story is good, all about an author's work being faked. It's set in the near future, the future world is well considered and an interesting environment.

My only slight complaint was the main thread was a little predictable - I guessed what was going on early in the story. However that is only a minor complaint and the story is well worth reading.

Highly recommended.

Bestselling author AB Foster’s comeback is big news in 2022. Absent for four years, she is now publishing further books and pioneering a new type of interactive digital novel.

Derek Thorpe was her biggest fan in the old days. Not any more. With the help of a private detective agency, Derek plans to expose AB Foster during the launch of her ground-breaking ieBook.

Expose her as a fraud. A copy of the original author. Her name, her characters and her writing style have all been stolen. Derek knows for a fact that this can’t be the real AB Foster.

Because he killed her, four years ago.

'Copy' is a 20,000 word story, part of the Auto series including 'Relationship Status', 'Timeline', 'Friend Request' and 'Backup'.

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