Thursday 21 January 2016

Book Review - The Third Rule: Sacrifices by Andrew Barrett

And so I come to the final book in Andrew Barrett's 'The Third Rule' trilogy, it's been a superb journey and the author finishes the series off in style. It's been an interesting read for me as well because I'm not usually a big fan of procedural thrillers, but this one has some additional strengths that carried it across a few genres.

It has more than a dash of the dystopian future about it, but one that is all too credible when politicians feed on fear to further the goals. If certain people ever attained this level of power I could imagine The Third Rule legislation becoming a reality. It also generates a system of suspicion, but also the means through which a higher level conspiracy the story weaves around.

In this believable future we have the procedural element of uncovering forensic clues and piecing together events. This is handled with enough detail to carry an air of authenticity, but not so much that it becomes dense or off putting. The authors follows the balance well on that front.

The real strength of the series is the characters. These are remarkably well drawn and follow lives sufficiently different that they provide interest on many levels. The main characters are obviously drawn in more detail, but even the lesser cast are fleshed out enough to feel real. The slight downer on this is that the villains aren't quite as deep, but you do get to know them a bit better in this book.

Story is of course king and the elements are all in place to support the plot. There are twists and turns along the way that keep you guessing. The ending is also well done, it is a bittersweet ending, but that balance of good and bad adds emotional weight and provides a satisfactory conclusion to the trilogy. All in all, a damn fine read.

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Part Three of The Third Rule: Sacrifices.

You’re still alive until you meet The Third Rule.

England. New System. New Rules. Old Corruption. Artist and burglar Christian Ledger must bargain not just for his freedom but also for his life. He has one last card to play: Can honesty, trust and bravery save him from the slaughterhouse? CSI Eddie Collins and reporter Mick Lyndon are hunted and on the run. The secrets they hold could topple the corrupt government, but the killers are closing and nowhere is safe to hide…

“If you want to kill serious crime, you have to kill serious criminals.”
Sir George Deacon, Minster of Justice.

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