Saturday, 23 January 2016

Book Review - I Can See You by David Haynes

I'm a self confessed fan boy of the author's work so discovering a new release so soon after his previous release was great news. This story is a contemporary horror and starts with a most unsettling chapter that was so full of dread it was fantastic.

Like his best stories it captures a sense of mysterious menace as events unfold. In many ways it's a traditional ghost story, but told in such a way that feels fresh. His writing is superb and carries the plot well.

The characters are strong, in particular Chris, the lead character. His experiences and thoughts are brought in vivid life. The author's strengths in portraying the different perspectives is a joy to read.

Normally when writing a review for his books I struggle to balance the praise with an issue - unfortunately with this I did have one criticism. The author's strength beyond his writing talent is his imagination, even with the familiar he brings something new to make it his own. With this story the plot follows traditional lines and doesn't quite break free of it.

That isn't to say that it's a bad story, far from it, it just lacks some of the imagination I've come to expect from his work. What remains though is a superbly crafted ghost story that is a fine horror read.

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She was there when Chris was a boy, as she pulled his dad down into the roaring ocean.

“I can see you.”

She is there again now he’s a father himself, standing behind his own young son.

“I can see you.”

She is always there in Chris’s nightmares and daydreams, staring with eyes that are fathomless black pits, dragging his whole family down with her into hell.

“I can see you.”

‘I Can See You’ is a terrifying ghost story from the author of the modern horror classic ‘Beneath The Boards’.

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