Sunday, 20 September 2015

Old Ones Productions - A Store is Born

I'm very pleased to announce the start of my new venture - Old Ones Productions. The idea for this came from having artwork commissioned for a book cover for a book I'm planning to write next year called 'The Space Inbetween'. It's an epic tale of cosmological horror inspired by the writing of John Milton and H P Lovecraft. It was also the design currently being tattooed on my back!

The image was painted by the very talented Luciana Nedelea and I was struck by the detail of it and wanted to do more with the image. Not so coincidently I'm a fan of all things Cthulhu related and purchase a great number of t-shirts related to the mythos. None of them matched what I saw in that picture.

So Old Ones Productions will bring a range of t-shirts and other apparel and licensing some incredible artwork. The first product released is the image for 'The Space Inbetween'

The t-shirt is available now in a range of sizes and you can buy it here:

As well as clothing there will be custom chess sets that I create, I have a Cthulhu themed set currently in production. It will also support future products for story related merchandise - first startibng with the Tau Ceti mission launch, more on this will be revealed soon!

You can keep up to date with the latest developments on the Old Ones Productions website here:

And come and like our Facebook page here:

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