Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Book Review - The Cage by David Haynes

David Haynes ranks as one of the few authors whose work I'll immediately pick up and shoots to the top of my TBR list once they release a new book. Of course there's always the worry that the latest release doesn't match up with the expectations engendered from the previous books. Thankfully all remains well with this latest book.

It was the Victorian era horror that first attracted my attention, but his recent books have been more contemporary and The Cage follows that trend. In some respects the story follows a familiar theme, there is an ex-detective who is tormented by the demons of his past and he enters a new situation seeking to expel them.

One of the reasons I enjoy the author's stories so much is that he can take the familiar and add a new cast to it. He also knows how to maintain a mystery and the core of the story is kept hidden throughout, yet tantalising with its darkness. There's a blend of physical and supernatural horror here, with some very sinister characters.

The characters are well drawn, the lead character has astounding depth and the two brothers are great. The writing is well crafted and the pacing is finely balanced. All in all this is a superb horror read and a recommended read for any fan of the genre.

Caged inside Ted Armstrong’s mind are memories of his old job as a police detective: the victims he saw, the helplessness he felt.

Caged within the Hotel Cromwell is a history of horrific murder, turned into a tourist attraction by the identical twins who maintain their family business.

Caged below the earth is the evidence that Ted has been sent to discover, a legacy of blood-soaked atrocities as dark as his own past.

Caged by snowdrifts and cut off from the outside world, the hotel echoes with terrified screams, hissing voices, and the screech of tortured metal…

…getting closer and closer.

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