Thursday 6 November 2014

ABC Drabbles of Death - V is for Vastation

We've reached the letter 'V' in the macabre journey through the alphabet. I had some trouble picking a word, but some research (God bless the internet and all who sail in her!) provided me with a wonderful and unusual word - 'vastation'.

If you've not read the previous drabbles in the series then you will find them all here:

V is for Vastation

There are ways to restore purity to a sinner. You can absolve them of their wrongdoing, or in some cases drive out the evil spirits corrupting them. But what do you do when their wickedness is so ingrained in their soul that cleansing will not suffice?

Killing them would condemn their spirit to eternity without hope of salvation. And so it is with a heavy heart that I must do this. There will be pain, but it is the only way. I will bear the weight of your screams so that you can meet your end with a pure heart.

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