Sunday 9 November 2014

Sunday Stories - Weird Kid & Stalker by Aeron

We have a double bill of stories from Aeron today.

Weird kid

I’m not sure if my kid is special or weird. He’s got a habit of pointing at faces. Sometimes in a picture, sometimes on the TV. But I call him a weird kid for a another reason. A while ago, I learned that whenever he points at somebody like that, they’re going to die within a week. I don’t understand why he never points at someone directly. The victims all seem to die naturally. I feel as if something complicated is going on. But I kept it to myself. What if people don’t believe me, and think I’m a liar? Or what if other people think he’s a weird kid as well. Today, when I turned on the TV, my son was pointing on the TV screen. There was our president, talking about civil rights. This will be worldwide news. I wonder how he will die.


In the story, the kid wasn't pointing at the president. He was pointing at the reflection of the TV, at his mother.


Do you know the definition of stalker? “A person who harasses another person, in a stealthily manner.” Straight out of the dictionary. I am not sure if the definition applies to Bob. Bobby Jenskin, my neighbor. He is an odd one. He stares at me every time he has the chance. It freaks me out. The fact he’s not even trying to hide it is what makes me uncomfortable. Every night when I take out the garbage, he’s on the same spot, near the window. He stares through the windows of his house, directly into my eyes. I've thought about moving away from this place. But at the moment it’s just not convenient. And is it really a valid reason? No, I’m not leaving because of Bob, even if he’s a stalker. I should approach him tomorrow, and have a talk with him. Now I think about it. I've never seen him leave his house recently. What happened? Bob wasn’t always like this. We’ve never been really close, but I did invite him over a couple of times. He’s the average neighbor. The kind of guy who is just there. The kind of guy who has nothing special, but still fits in every situation. The definition of stalker doesn't fit him. I don’t like the new Bob. The new Bob intimidates me. I turn on the TV on the news channel. The reporter is talking about corpses that has been found. Wait a minute… The bodies are found nearby! I have a bad feeling about this. The next night, when I was taking out the garbage, Bob was there again.


The definition of stalker definitely applies to Bobby Jenskin. But the definition of murderer goes to the main character of the story.

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