Wednesday 12 November 2014

Blog Shout Out - The Ivory Tide

This week's blog shout is for Caroline Clemens's blog - The Ivory Tide. Discover more below:

Thank you in advance for showcasing my blog I'm an online journalist with The Guardian Liberty Voice and a blogger. I've been writing for four years and published on Amazon just before this big self-publishing craze hit in 2012.

I've written poetry and am collecting those either for submission in a contest and/or publishing. My biggest or most difficult writing fete thus far is a novel based in Paris and the Loire Valley. The title "Into the Vines" is for middle grade readers and contemporary fiction readers.

This new blog will at times feature places or ideas related to this novel. The main idea is about a pilot who performs rescue missions around the globe, either on a small scale with his business or a large scale involving countries joined together in unison. The missions are for natural disasters and terrorism. The ivorytide will not be just about my book, but also art, music and news stories relevant to the world.

My career in Nursing continues as I work in reconstructive breast health for a large hospital in the South. What I am not is an English major, in fact, I suffered my only D ever in school my senior year in English. I was caught passing notes to my best friend and giggling. They put me in advanced classes like math and science and then I wouldn't study or do the homework. Once I got to college though, I studied hard.

Actually, I was quite creative in my youth through sewing, cooking, cheer leading, drill team, four high school musicals, chorus, tennis, etc. I received no encouragement what so ever as far as reading, writing, painting but I did play piano and organ.

I think blogging is a form of engagement through interaction and comments, a group coming together about a topic for learning or just plain fun! In a sense, you feel as though you are part of a community. I hope to learn as I go along in publishing this blog exploring coastal areas, other lands, and music through art and/or the news. The format could change if needed. I think people are bombarded with news and information. I'd like to see it given more personally with an unbiased viewpoint.

Regularly, my plans will be for one to two news posts/week with additional features such as places in the world ie: Sydney Opera House, Giverny, the Grand Canyon, etc. I could have other writers come aboard if success dictated, meaning interested followers.

I love doing the music videos and leaving a couple paragraphs of what I remember or how the music affected me. I'd love to get others to leave feedback on this with their own ideas. My plan is to continue, showcasing others, famous and not so famous.

The film slot could be reviews or just a place to showcase movies coming out and who is in them. News is tragic, so at times things will be grim, but through other posts/followups I hope to bring hope!

P.S. I'd love to have an app and people just tap the app.

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