Wednesday 5 November 2014

Blog Shout Out - Indie Bookworm Ebook Reviews

Cathy Murray joins us for this week's Blog Shout Out to tell us about her Indie Bookworm Ebook Reviews. Discover more below:

I'm Cathy Murray and I write Indie Bookworm Ebook Reviews. I started the blog in March 2012 after we'd published my husband's novel Magnificent Britain and I was exploring ways to promote the book. It quickly became obvious that once we'd got over the initial euphoria of publication there was a lot to do to find the readers for the book. At the same time I'd got my first Kindle and started downloading other indie authors' freebies and I thought I'd do what I could to help.

At first the blog was entirely indie ebook reviews plus occasional interviews with authors. The books were either free downloads or books I paid for after liking an author and wanting to read more. I found there were loads more books I wanted to read than I had either the time or the money for. I've come across some fantastic indie authors and if you look at my A - Z List on the blog you can see which writers appeal to me most.

Occasionally I include a promo post for one of our books and I've recently re-launched the blog with some new features. I've invited some more authors for interviews and several have very kindly agreed to share their thoughts. I ask the same five questions of each author but have had to adapt the questions to accommodate non-fiction writers too. I've started doing a Blogs Roundup of the authors I've reviewed. I spend a few hours each week going round the blogs and there's such a wide variety of excellent posts that I thought I'd try and pass the word on about those as well as the books. I've also started re-writing and re-publishing some of my earlier posts. One of the many fantastic aspects of indie ebook publishing is that the book just stays there waiting to be discovered no matter how long since release day. I'm also posting book trailers when they're available after I've reviewed a book.

I've added the Popular Posts feature to the bottom of the blog which shows which pages have had most visits each week, month and all-time. The all-time most viewed post is my review of Make a Joyful Noise by Jenny Worstall which has had 380 hits.

My personal favourite posts are the interviews because it's fascinating to see how each author responds to the same questions in such different ways. My future plans for the blog are to read and review as many books as I can before the shutters come down and to continue e-meeting indie authors who are such creative, imaginative, talented and enthusiastic people.

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  1. Interesting story from Cathy. Off to check out her blog now.