Monday 29 October 2012

In The Dark (100 Word Story)

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In The Dark

A thousand burning candles arrayed in a circle protect the girl from the shadows that gnaw at the flickering light. Alone in the circle she waits. She must endure the night. With a fractured voice she prays.

The darkness answers her prayers with a voice. The voice scratches at her sanity, promising only a terrible end. She continues to pray, seeking any solace. She shivers, the room now cold. A breeze, chill and with a fetid smell extinguishes the candles.

She moans. She clutches the last lit candle close to her chest knowing that it will not last the night.


  1. Definitely creepy, and wonderfully written.

  2. Thanks - Clowns is probably my favourite so far. It is fun to try and tell a story in so few words.