Thursday, 4 October 2012

100 Word Story and Indie Book Bargains

Indie Book Bargains is a site and mailing list for indie published book bargains in the UK. Their daily bargain email also features a 100 word short story. They recently used one of mine, so here it is:

Don't turn around

I felt its breath, chill against my neck. I knew what stood behind me. Only on this night it possessed the power to achieve its justice. I must not look at it. only in its sight could it harm me.

I walked forwards, along the cobbled street. If I could reach the village church I’d be safe for another year, until the return of this dread date.

Its footsteps echoed mine as I walked, my gaze kept low. I stumbled, looked up and caught the reflection in the window. Too late I tried to avert my gaze.

Too late.

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