Saturday, 9 July 2016

Short Story Review - Set in Stone by Newton

This short story grabbed me from the opening line. It sets the scene well, and promises secrets and horror. Unfortunately the rest of the story doesn't quite live up to that opening. It's far from bad, I enjoyed it a lot. It's well written and tightly plotted, but it lacked a certain sparkle.The opening led me to think that it would be something more.

That grumble aside it progressed at a decent pace, and there's some good conflict and emotion here. I'd previously read The Reconstruction Descending by this author and that contained some wonderful imagination. This newer story is better written from a technical perspective, but doesn't quite offer the same richness.

I am perhaps being a little harsh, the story does have many things going for it, and it's superbly told, just not quite as good as the earlier work. If you like a dark tale, then you should give it a try.

His parents deceased, young Michael O'Donahue inherits the sole responsibility of maintaining the local cemetery known by most as The Yard. Torn between a lustful affair with the town harlot and a blossoming romance with the youngest daughter of one the most prominent families in town, his life is suddenly ripped apart by evil unseen forces.

'Set in Stone' is a gothic tale of magic, mystery and shattered romance.

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