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Guest Post - Croatian Queen of Horror by Viktoria Faust

Last year I published my first book in English. After 30-40 published books in Croatia, I thought I know what I’m doing, and that I was a pro.

I had no idea!

So, you see - it's a big, big world out there. Once you decide to go out, to open your door, you can expect - well, anything.  And you're suddenly facing the realization that you know nothing. You've been doing that same job that filled you with bliss for 20 something years, but when you open that door, all you thought you knew... puff!

They call me "Croatian Queen of Horror". That's just a silly little title. I don't even know how that started, but it stuck, and it sounds good, so why not. I live in one little country most people in the world would not be able to point on the map. And that's OK, we have this little piece of paradise for ourselves.

I'm a writer, and I’ve been written my whole life, and I write a lot. And here in my country not to many writers write horror.  That's why "the Queen" part, and that's why "the silly title" part - it's not so hard to be queen of some "village" hidden from the rest of the world.  In any case, I was never considered all of it too seriously. Writing horror is my favorite hobby, and that’s all. But also - I know I’m kind of special. People treated me special (there is good and bad in that, but that’s not something I want to talk about right now). I got used being that Viktoria Faust. But you know what I found out? When you decide to take your books and your talent out there - when you open that door - you are not special at all. Or at least - you need to shovel away from your path all those other special people, who are as special as you are, or even more.

So how come one decides if he/she is special enough in the big, big world full of special people?  I guess I have answer to that. It’s like in beginning, when I really was no one, just some silly girl, writing her silly/scary stories, being published in story collection named “Stories Of Unknown Authors”. And after 30 yeast of writing, and 20 of being published, it starts all over again. I was unknown then. Some years later, I was "a Queen".

I did it once. So why not do it again?

About Viktoria Faust

Viktoria Faust is pen name for award winning Croatian horror, SF and children's/fantasy author with more then 30 books published. I'm most famous for my vampire novels, and I'm proud to be called Croatian Queen of Horror. I began to write when I was 13, published my first story when I was 24. My first published novel was the one last year published in English and it was first published in Croatia 16 years ago. It's first in serial of seven books.Lately I'm more engaged in translating and publishing my books in English so more readers can get to know my writing.

Check out her free short story 'Recycled' here:

Viktoria, a young and not particularly talented painter, comes across war vampires in the middle of war torn Croatia in 1992. She becomes obsessed with them. But socializing with vampires is dangerous. One of them attacks her and infects her with what she believes is AIDS. To save herself she leaves with Damian, the oldest of the vampires, on an adventure that will prolong her life forever ... or end it.

This is the first publication in English of well known Croatian vampire book "U anđeoskom liku zvijeri"

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