Monday, 11 July 2016

Crises and Conflicts Anthology Released Today!

On Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the 10th birthday celebration for NewCon press, a publisher devoted to the art of the short story. As part of those celebrations the Crises and Conflicts anthology was released, which includes a short story from me, called 'The Ten Second War' - check out the other other contributors below:

From distant planets to space-borne combat, from desperate attempts to win a race to the last hope of a beleaguered world, fifteen stories of Military SF and space opera written to celebrate the tenth birthday of independent publisher NewCon Press:

1. Introduction
2. The Last Tank Commander – Allen Stroud
3. Between Nine and Eleven – Adam Roberts
4. Taking Flight – Una McCormack
5. The 10 Second War – Michael Brookes
6. Decommissioned – Tade Thompson
7. Another Day in Paradise – Amy DuBoff
8. Round Trip – Robert Sharp
9. Arm Every Woman – Nik Abnett
10. Hill 435 – Tim C. Taylor
11. The Wolf, The Goat, and the Cabbage – Janet Edwards
12. Pickaxes and Shovels – Christopher Nuttall
13. The Gun – Ian Whates
14. Tactics for Optimal Outcomes in Negotiations with Wergen Ambassadors
– Mercurio D Rivera
15. The Story of the Ten – Jo Zebedee
16. The Beauty of our Weapons – Gavin Smith

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