Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Drabbles of the Gods - Lei Gong

We travel to China for this week's Drabble of the Gods and discover Lei Gong, the Lord of Thunder.

If you haven't read the previous drabbles in the series then you will find them all here:

Lei Gong

Banging his mallet against the drum Lei Gong is the thunder. With the finely honed chisel he punishes the wicked. From flashing mirrors his wife, Dian Mu, casts lightning from the sky.

Once mortal, he now stands as a fearsome clawed creature, bat wings shade his shoulders and a bird’s beak protrudes from his blue face.

He is more than the Lord of Thunder, upon Heaven’s order he hunts those committing crimes in the shadow and spirits who harm living mortals.

Yet despite his great ferocity he can be held at bay by the most base, and pleasurable of actions.

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