Thursday, 30 July 2015

Drabbles of Art - The Examination by Wayne Barlowe

(c) Wayne Barlowe
I've done something a little different for this week and that's feature a piece from a contemporary artist in the Drabbles of Art series. When I spotted The Examination by Wayne Marlowe I had to write a piece based on it. His visions of Hell are superb and you can see them on his blog here:

The copyright for this image belongs to the artist and his writing looks interesting too, so much so I've ordered a couple..

If you haven't read the earlier drabbles in the series yet then you will find them all here:

The Examination by Wayne Barlowe

“And what is it we have here?” the first demon asked. “It’s shaped a bit like us, but puny and malformed.”

“It’s soft and warm to the touch,” said the second. “And there are things inside that crack when I bend its appendages.”

“I don’t like its strange stink,” complained the third. “It smells sharp and rotten like bad food. Fragile too – part of it has fallen off.”

“Well I think it tastes just fine,” opined the fourth. “Here try for yourself.”

“What a peculiar keening noise it makes,” said the fifth as its teeth crunched through skin and bone.

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