Thursday, 16 July 2015

Drabbles of Art - The Water Ghost by Alfred Kubin

I'm loving hunting through paintings to pick the next image for the Drabbles of Art series and this week's image 'The Water Ghost' by Alfred Kubin is another wonderful chance find.

You can read the previous drabbles in the series here:

The Water Ghost by Alfred Kubin

They say that there is only really one storm in the world. When it wakes, it rages with all its force until its strength is spent. Then it sleeps awhile and drifts upon the currents in the sky until restored and ready to blast its fury once again.

But very few know the real secret. Only those wise in the ancient lore know that at the heart of the storm is a creature. It wears the storm as its garb, a cloak of wind, rain and lightning.

Even the wisest of us don’t know why it hates us so much.

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