Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Drabbles of the Gods - Kisin

"God A Ah Puch (Kimi)" by unknown Maya artist - Justin Kerr: The Maya Vase Book. Vol. 6, Kerr Associates (2001).. 
In the latest Drabbles of the Gods we visit the Mayan civilisation and the death god Kisin.

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After the Upper God created the underworld, Kisin took advantage and slew the higher being. The Upper God resurrected himself and condemned Kisin to the underworld. We feel his fury whenever he kicks and shakes the earth.

He tried again to outdo the Upper God by attempting to create humans in his own likeness. From his failure spawned the existence of some of the totemic animals.

Kisin’s duty is to measures the souls passing into his realm. The sinners are cast into eternal flame and those whose evil deserves special punishment become the beasts destined to serve at his whim.

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