Friday 8 April 2016

Book Review - The Binary Man by Jacob Prytherch

This was a bit of a mixed read for me. The premise sounded interesting and it starts off really well. The world is well thought out and decently portrayed with some excellent and thought provoking details. The characters are strong and the writing solid. It settled into a decent plot and I was happily reading the story.

The flipside for me came for me about halfway through where one of the characters gains some spectacular powers and turned from what had seemed like a well grounded science fiction into something a bit more fantastical. Considering the effort in building a plausible future I expected these powers to have some similar development, but are finally explained away with a rather thin description - more of a superhero's origin story than the type of science fiction I prefer.

Now in fairness this is purely a subjective opinion, so if you don't mind a more fantastical bent to the story then ignore what I've said and give it a try. Even with this issue I did enjoy the story and found the ending satisfying. The writing is a little uneven, mostly workmanlike, but with flashes of real craft. Not a bad read at all.

The #1 Cyberpunk bestseller.

2013 version - re-edited by Kathryn Perkins.

Everything is possible, somewhere in time and space. All it takes is the right viewpoint.

Yannick Meyer's life seems locked in a downward spiral of ill health and worse luck before a knock at the door changes everything. Offworld opportunity beckons, a release from the rampant pollution and social decay of Earth, or so he thinks. He will soon find out that the bright lights of Washington station hide their own shadows...

Two engineers stumble upon a signal that holds a promise of inescapable violence...

One man sits alone, pleased with his work as he watches the funeral of someone that only he truly knows, losing count of how many have died before...

All these stories come together, bound by the power of The Binary Man, the first true magician.

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