Monday 9 November 2015

Festival of Drabbles 2015 - My First Drabble

I discovered drabbles back in 2012 with a thread on the Kindle Users Forum - that thread is still going here:

Rosen Trevithick had created the Indie Book Bargains website and newsletter to help promote Kindle bargains from Indie authors. That project is still going strong, although it's now called - if you're a UK Kindle reader then check it out.

As part of their daily newsletter Rosen includes a drabble - a story of exactly 100 words. I didn't get involved at first, but finally gave it a try and have been hooked ever since! As a writer it's a great exercise in economy of writing and building vocabulary. As a reader I enjoy the bit size format.

Indie Book Bargains posted my first drabble on 25th September 2012 and it's one of my favourites even though I've written hundreds since. You can find all of my drabbles published by Book Hippo here:

And here is my first ever drabble:

Don't Look Back by Michael Brookes

I felt its breath, chill against my neck. I knew what stood behind me. Only on this night it possessed the power to achieve its justice. I must not look at it. only in its sight could it harm me.

I walked forwards, along the cobbled street. If I could reach the village church I'd be safe for another year, until the return of this dread date.

Its footsteps echoed mine as I walked, my gaze kept low. I stumbled, looked up and caught the reflection in the window. Too late I tried to avert my gaze.

Too late.