Monday, 1 June 2015

New Drabble - A Sight to Remember

"2012-11-23 16-05-52-grande-cascade-tendon" by Thomas Bresson
A new drabble of mine was featured in a BookHippo newsletter over the weekened. I've copied it below and if you'd like to read some of my other drabbles then you'll find them here:

A Sight to Remember

The dream is the same every night. I’m sat on the side of a mountain and up above the sky is clear blue with the odd wisp of cloud. The sun feels strong on my face, cooled by the soft breeze carrying the voice of the world.

The mountains form the spine upon which a lush green carpet is draped. A river meanders through the valley, fed by streams sparkling in their stumble down the mountainside.

I understand that this vision will be the last thing I will see. And you know what? I could enjoy this view for eternity.

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