Sunday, 7 June 2015

Book Review - The Red Church by Scott Nicholson

I like a decent horror story and this is a good one. The bare bones of the story is a familiar one of ancient evil pitted against a few locals.While at the core it might seem familiar there are enough nuances and ideas to make it feel fresh. I especially liked the idea of the two sons - it's a nice twist on the antichrist.

The flow of the story also works well, with key events from various times in the past providing the foundations of the show down. There's a good blend of perspectives from the core characters, almost too good and that ditracts from them a little. That's a minor gripe though as they fit together well.

My only other issue is that the ending felt a bit abrupt considering the build up and also a little convenient in how it comes together. The journey to that point is fantastic though and the author has a real talent for crafting his words. On more than a few occasions I paused to re-read a line or a paragraph.

Overall it's an excellent horror read with decent pacing and well written prose. One worth checking out for fans of the genre.

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The church was constructed in the 1860s under the guidance of Reverend Wendell McFall. His sermons declared the existence of God s Second Son- whose mission is to undo all of Jesus work on Earth. McFall had the church painted red to summon the First Son to defeat the Second. But when he sacrificed a child to support his rantings, his congregation hung him from the
rafters of his own sanctuary...

For twenty years, the red church has stood empty. Crumbling to ruin, it has become a site for Halloween pranks and the setting for ghost stories- including one about the thing that lives in the bell tower, a creature being blamed for a brutal murder that occurred in the church s graveyard...

Now, Archer McFall has purchased the church to house his Temple of the Two Sons, whose zealous worshippers will stop at nothing to see the Second Son return to his rightful glory...

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