Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Guest Post - Who We Are by Alanna Sharpe

Today we have a guest post entitled 'Who we are' written by Alanna Sharpe, one of the characters in Don A Martinez's latest release 'Eden Inviolate' (part of the Phantom Squadron series):

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By Alanna Sharpe (hiddeninplainsightranch.tumblr.com)

Many people have come and gone through the doors of the Hidden-In-Plain-Sight Ranch, looking for help, or seeking our destruction. I honestly believe, though, that the people seeking our demise really don’t know who they attack. I think the time has long since come for you to know who we are, to understand our ideals, dreams, and motivations.

To put it succinctly …

Who are we? We are people, ordinary in our pursuits, ordinary in our interests, only wanting to exist and live and pursue our own dreams.

Who are we? We are refugees, driven away from our homes, our families, our lives, and forced into hiding by our own government.

Who are we? We are supernatural, in possession of abilities and powers above and beyond what the average person has, but we have no desire to harm anyone or rule over people.

Who are we? We are warriors, pushed into a fight we did not pick, but willing to lay down our lives to defend each other and see justice visited upon our oppressors.

Who are we? We are mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, sisters, brothers … families who only seek our freedom.

Who are we? We are the last line of defense for the entire world against a threat that transcends politics, that will subvert every single person and force the entire world into slavery.

Who are we? We are the defenders of Eden.

We are supernatural.

We are proud.

We know joy, we know pain, we have seen paradise and Hell.

We will rise above it all, and we will win or by God we will bring the New Empire of America the fiercest fight it will ever see and leave them with at best a pyrrhic victory.

Our final battle begins now.

Alanna and her allies face the final battle against the New Empire of America in the new Phantom Squadron novel, Eden Inviolate. The book is now on sale in paperback and e-book format, available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and other fine retailers.

The Hidden-In-Plain-Sight Ranch celebrates the return of one of their own, resistance leader Alanna Sharpe, from her trip through Hell. With her comes her long-lost father, Cole, to fight alongside his family for the survival of all supernaturals.

Two tasks remain for Alanna and her friends, however. Her mother Ariel remains captive, and waits for revolution or rescue to set her free from her technological prison.

Alanna's supernatural brethren also remain under the thumb of the New Empire of America ... which is massing now for one final siege to commit the unthinkable: destroy Avalon with the fearsome power of the Damnation Blade, a weapon forged in Hell from the blood of Lucifer himself.

Will Alanna prevail, or will she ... along with all supernaturals and the entire world ... perish under the threat posed by the Regents, the SSA, and the New Empire's hellish rise to power?

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