Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Blog Shout Out - Missy Writes

In this week's blog shout out we pay a visit to the 'Missy Writes' blog run by author Melissa Frye. Discover more about here blog in her own words below:

Many thanks to Michael and The Cult of Me for featuring my blog in the Blog Shout Out series.

To understand my blog you’ll need to know a bit about me. My name is Melissa Frye, but most folks call me Missy. I’m a short story author, novelist and award-winning poet. My blog, Missy Writes, is first and foremost a chronicle of my writing journey. There you’ll find posts about craft, publishing goals and the ups and downs of a creative soul.

Although it began as a selfish endeavor, it has expanded into something more. The Author Spotlight series features interviews with independent and traditionally published authors. A great deal of effort goes into these interviews. I tailor the majority of the questions to the author and try to avoid ones they have answered a hundred plus times.

Another staple of Missy Writes is the A Reader Opines feature in which I share my opinions on books. These posts are formatted like book reviews, but in actuality they’re just my thoughts. I’m no literary expert and don’t pretend to be.

Arriving at this juncture of my blogging career has been an odyssey filled with trial and error. As it stands now, I believe my readers enjoy a balance of personality, information and entertainment. If the stats can be trusted, all the features receive equal attention though in all honesty interviews with well-known authors get the most hits.

When I begin writing a blog post, my goal is to connect with readers. Whether it be commiserating with fellow writers, sharing opinions on books or introducing bibliophiles to new authors I hope people find my thoughts worthwhile. However, my favorite type of blog posts to write are those that inspire readers to think, evaluate and grow. I’ve been told I’m a nurturer and I hope that shows through my writing.

As it stands, I have a pretty good thing going with Missy Writes. My readership steadily grows so I must be doing something right. There is one feature I plan to implement in the future and that is the occasional vlog. I find it easier to express myself through writing, but there’s something to be said for having a conversation. Though vlogs are one-sided, I think they open the floor for additional dialogue between folks with like minds.

Again, I thank Michael for choosing Missy Writes for a shout-out and I hope you will visit my blog. Please leave a comment on any post and let me know you found me through The Cult of Me.

Visit Missy Writes here:

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