Friday, 4 July 2014

Friday Poem - Do Tree's Dance by Coralie Rowe

This week's Friday Poem is 'Do Trees Dance' by Coralie Rowe. You can read the poem below and discover why she wrote the poem.

Image copyright Igor Zenin

Do Trees Dance?
by Coralie Rowe
I am wondering, if when
I'm not around,
Do trees lift their roots
To dance above ground

They bow with such grace
The Earth they caress,
Vibrant green leaves
Hide their nakedness

Lush green dress foilage
Soon turns amber brown,
Floating down silently
Till kissing the ground

Long elegant limbs
Now empty and bare,
Still sway with the winds
With unabashed care

When a playful breeze blows
They move and they sigh,
Is this because they can't
Dance under watchful eye

I choose to believe that
When no one is around
Trees lift their roots and
Dance with joy unbound

This would have to be one of my own favorite writes. Inspired by a truly amazing picture "Dancing Trees " by Igor Zenin.

I was captivated by the picture, and was truly inspired to write this poem. It is about trees yes, but also holds an underlying statement of life in general, I think.

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