Thursday, 17 September 2015

Just Started Reading - The Smoke in the Photograph by Kit Tinsley

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Julia Draper, an artist recovering from a nervous breakdown, moves into a new home with her surgeon husband. The house was once the scene of a brutal murder. Is there a presence in the house trying to make contact with Julia? Or is she once more on the edge of losing her mind

D.C.I. Sam Fluting is a desperate man. For years he has been trying to catch the, seemingly unstoppable, serial killer dubbed ‘The Lincoln Ripper’. With each new murder the media, the public and his superiors lose more faith in Sam’s ability to finish the job.

As the killer taunts Sam at every step, the presence in the Draper’s home offers Julia warnings for her own safety. As Julia and Sam’s stories become more entwined the stage is set for a terrifying, and violent showdown.

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