Saturday 5 September 2015

Festival of Drabbles 2015 - Drabble Competition

As part of the celebration of 100 word stories Festival of Drabbles 2015 I am hosting a competition to find the best drabble. There are two categories: Judged and People's Choice. The judged winner will be selected by myself and any guest judges and the People's Choice will be selected through a poll by the public.

Both winners will receive a £30 Amazon or PayPal prize and four voters will also be randomly selected to win £10 Amazon gift cards for participating. So there are prizes for both writers and readers in this competition!

There is no entry fee and entries should be submitted using the form below and please post in the comments that you have entered.

To enter you must indicate that you are attending the festival, you can join on Facebook here:

Or on Goodreads here:

Here are the rules for the competition:

  • You must be attending the Festival of Drabbles 2015 on Facebook or Goodreads
  • There is only one entry per person
  • Entries must be submitted before midday GMT 8th November 2015
  • Entry grants me a non-exclusive license to use the drabble as part pf the Festival of Drabbles on this and other blogs/sites
  • The submitted drabble must be exactly 100 words

You should submit your entry through the form below:


  1. Just entered. Good luck to all the competitors.

  2. There, now I'm entered to win this Festival of Drabbles 2015. I hope everyone likes my 100 word Drabble. Good luck to all the entrants and fellow Drabblers.

  3. I've just entered the Festival of Drabbles 2012. Good luck to all the entrants.

  4. just entered

  5. Entered. Some of my students will be entering too.

  6. I also entered the competition. :) Good luck to you all!

  7. I have just entered your competition. Thank you Michael.

  8. I've entered! :-)
    One of my first but one of my favourites.