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Guest Post - Pirate Restaurants by Elizabeth Los

As part of her blog tour supporting the release of her novel 'Second on the Right' Elizabeth Los has provided a guest post about Pirate Restaurants. Read more below:

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Pirate Restaurants by Elizabeth Los

One day, out of curiosity, I researched restaurants with a pirate theme. I couldn’t believe the number I had discovered. It seemed that each state within the U.S. had at least one pirate restaurant. Because of how my list was growing, I chose to narrow it down to a select few that I believed were the most entertaining and where the theme was the focal point and not an afterthought. For some restaurants, the word “pirate” is used loosely and really has nothing to do with pirates at all. So in the spirit of celebrating the release of Second on the Right, an origin story for Captain Hook, I present two restaurants I’ve enjoyed and I welcome comments with suggestions of others.

Anaheim, California

One of my favorite rides in Disneyland is the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. The look, feel and smell all provide me with a tinge of nostalgia. On one afternoon, I was given the opportunity to try one of Disneyland’s most beautiful restaurants: Blue Bayou. Set up next to the pirate ride, this restaurant boasts of a New Orlean’s bayou setting, where the stars are out in full in the constant night sky. Candlelights flicker on each table top as guests converse quietly over a southern inspired meal. In the distance, the chirp and trill of frogs in the swamp add music to the air. Though the restaurant shares quarters with the ride, those in boats rarely distract from the ambiance. The food is good, though perhaps the guest is paying more for the scenic views. Prices can range from $30-60 per adult. Still, the night can be topped of with a treat. I often skip the dessert at the end of the meal; however, this is not one to be missed. The sugar disc pirate coin or sugar pirate sail are both fun garnishes.
For more information on the Blue Bayou restaurant, visit Disney’s official website:

Buena Park, California

Red, Blue, Yellow, Green or Purple? As I arrived at the Pirate’s Dinner Adventure, our group was assigned the “yellow” pirate, which basically indicates where we will be sitting. It is recommended to arrive at least 45 minutes prior to the start of the show, and I could understand why. The waiting area becomes crowded, as everyone waits for the show to begin. For some, this is probably one of the highlights. Attendees can order drinks and, if lucky, find a table to sit and wait.

The show starts with the pre-show, where the pirates are introduced one by one. Each pirate is assigned a specific color, and adorned with such on their vest or sash. Attendees follow the pirate whose color matches the one they were given when they first entered. After everyone is seated, the main show begins. PIrates swing, run and fight about a replicated 18th century Spanish galleon set in the center of the room. The ship is surrounded by a brilliant blue lagoon. The room is flooded with night sky lightening. We sat near the bow and beakhead.

The food was okay, chicken, vegetables and an ice cream dessert. Drinks were Pepsi, Sprite, Coffee and water. No grog! My kids ate the food, though they weren’t thrilled with it. They loved the show, but after a while seemed to grow bored. Still, it turned out to be a fun evening, one which they chatted about the entire ride home.

Note: Since that time, I’ve read the show as changed to “Rise of the Sea Dragon”, which I haven’t seen.

For more information on the Pirate’s Dinner Adventure, visit their office website:


Spawned from an ancient promise, treachery and intrigue follow the protagonists through our world and one lost to the waves. Bound by an invisible bond, they are thrust into a fantastical world of pirates and demons.

James Benedict is a just man haunted by evil. Pushed to the edge, everything stripped from him, a new man arises . . . a man whose name strikes fear into the hearts of all who hear it: "Captain Hook".

Eileen Davis was a timid woman. Through a fateful cruise she finds herself in the company of the Captain of the Mistral Thief. With his guidance, and the meddling of the local barista, she eventually finds her inner strength.

Will the two of them unite through time to fulfill the promise of their ancestors or will tempers ignite leading all to failure?

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Elizabeth uses writing as therapy, her release from everyday stress. At night, after work and once the children are finally tucked in bed, for the fifth time, she sits at her laptop and lets her imagination flow.

Elizabeth has produced short stories, one of which will be published in an anthology. She’s had fun writing a Sherlock Holmes fan fiction story, A Case of Need, based on the BBC’s Sherlock. By July 2011, her first novel, Second on the Right, had been completed. She spent several years polishing the story in order to provide a high quality product to the public. Second on the Right is her first professional novel.

She currently resides in California with her husband, children and two dogs: Black Lab (Raven) and Saint Bernard (Duke).

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