Thursday, 10 July 2014

Book Impressions - Necropolis by Guy Portman

This book is a deliciously dark book to read. The character is the main draw here, he's a sociopath and it's told in first person, almost stream of conciousness way that pulls you into his mindset. However the strength here is that it doesn't dive straight in with the blood. It takes its time, but not in a drawn out way. In the early chapters you build a rapport with him as he goes about his daily business, but even in these early stages you catch glimpses of his internal darkness.

The writing matches the mood and captures the personality perfectly. The story is interesting and progresses at a decent pace. I'm usually one that declares story to be king, here though I found it secondary. Not in quality, but because it was almost incidental. I enjoyed being in the mind of this character and the story provided the vehicle to do that.

Like all good things in life there is always a flaw to accentuate the positive. In this case it was the ending. The book ends quite abruptly although to be honest I would happily have read more chapters just to experience more of this person's life. All told this is an excellent read and one suitable for those who (like me) enjoy reading about the darker aspects of life.

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Dyson Devereux works in the Burials and Cemeteries department in his local council. Dyson is intelligent, incisive and informed. He is also a sociopath. Dyson’s contempt for the bureaucracy and banality of his workplace provides ample refuge for his mordant wit. But the prevalence of Essex Cherubs adorning the headstones of Newton New Cemetery is starting to get on his nerves.

When an opportunity presents itself will Dyson seize his chance and find freedom, or is his destiny to be a life of toil in Burials and Cemeteries?

Brutal, bleak and darkly comical, Necropolis is a savage indictment of the politically correct, health and safety obsessed world in which we live.

‘Not only a funny, twisted, erudite satire on the psychopath genre, this novel also boasts a compelling plot and finely sculpted characters’

‘A black comedy of true distinction’

‘I was at once fascinated and disturbed by the devious Dyson Devereux with his malicious pedantry, wicked schemes and grotesque good taste. A barbed joy.

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