Thursday, 31 July 2014

ABC Drabble of Death - L is for Light

After a brief hiatus last week the ABC Drabbles of Death series is back. We have now reached the letter 'L' in our deadly journey through the alphabet and I think I've picked an unusual one for this. If you haven't read the other drabbles in the series then you can find them all here:

And if you're looking for more drabbles or short fiction then come and join the Facebook group dedicated to those forms. There are some great stories there!

L is for Light

After so long alone in the dark I never imagined that it would be the light which killed me. For an age I hid from the decision waiting to be made. Instead I lurked alone in the vast unknown before time began.

A sacrifice would be needed so that others might come to be. I feared my death and what would happen next for me. Those yet to come would never comprehend the truth of my choice. Instead they would conjure up strange fantasies to explain the mystery.

Four little words which would change everything forever.

Let there be light.

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