Sunday 9 October 2022

My Destiny Revealed

For a fundraising event for the Defibrillators in the village (a sensible precaution considering it has taken more than an hour for an ambulance to arrive for an emergency before and one I no doubt will take advantage of at some stage) a spirituality and well-being event was being held today. It's not generally my type of thing, although an Indian Head Massage is always welcome, but not immediately available today. 

I did fancy a Tarot reading though, in part because I tried one over 30 years ago, and the heretic (just kidding!) drew the cards and then promptly refused to do my reading. No doubt she enjoyed a penchant for the dramatic. So to support a worthy local cause I decided to give it another go it was fun and to be fair didn't quite follow the expected pattern.

Donations can be made here:

I know how these readings work, whether consciously on the part of the practitioner or not but even so it did head in some interesting directions. So, as a marker for the future, I'm going to write down the path of my destiny and we shall see how it shapes up over the coming years. 

I'll note before we start that I went along with it, except in a few parts - I didn't deliberately set her up, or make it difficult. I also didn't get the straight tarot reading I intended and instead received one guided by a spirit medium which was supplemented with a divination deck I wasn't familiar with.

And so without further ado...

Slaine by Clint Langley
My Destiny Revealed

Apparently, she'd noticed me upon entering the Hall. Firstly for the fact I possess an old would. One that has journeyed through many lives, all of them leading up to my current existence and preparing me for my final task upon the Earth where my next awaited me in the next one. Sounds better than your standard fetch quest so I'm in :-) It's also a rare event to meet someone on their final turn of the wheel, which is fine with me as I consider reincarnation to be one of the worst forms of damnation 👿 

I'd previously been informed that my Spirit Companion was a Bear - not an unreasonable thought I think. However in this case it was a Celtic Warrior. One formidable enough to help protect me through my many tribulations. Now the fact I wore a Blood for the Blood God t-shirt and general look no doubt provided her with a hint, but when I tried to guide her in a more Norse direction she initially went with it, but then returned and insisted on a Celtic warrior - so Slaine it is and I'm fine with that. I don't have Brainbiter so will have to add that beauty to my collection.

As for my ultimate task, all the militaristic build-up veered off on an unexpected tangent. I'm due to become some manner of healer, not in a medical or laying on of hands sense though. Instead, I have a gift (or will develop one) for being able to heal people by being in their presence and able to unlock whatever is blocking them from healing or healing them myself. 

I would also be able to have a similar effect from my writing - so maybe she's a fan of the blog too :-)

A slightly interesting aspect here is that in my younger days I used to be able to read people quite well - well enough that I could generally figure out what their issues might be without having met them before. There's no special power here besides just listening to what is being said, or not said as the case may be.

There was a strange moment when a dead loved one made an experience, but I have no idea who it was meant to be.

The session was only 20 minutes and the remainder was some fairly standard self-help style guidance. It wasn't an unpleasant way to spend the time and certainly cheaper than a therapist. And now we'll see my destiny manifest :-)

Here's the link again if you wish to contribute to the village's defibrillators:

And thanks to Lucy and co for putting it all together!

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