Monday, 3 October 2022

Halloween Horror Auction -- Various Horror/Dark Fantasy A3 Prints/Posters

Here's a new range of items available in the Halloween Horror Auction throughout this month. A master page listing all items as they're added can be found here

Various Horror/Dark Fantasy A3 Prints/Posters

Technically not an auction, but you can satisfy that retail therapy urge and buy one or more right now!


Start setting the mood for a Horrifying Halloween with these prints from original artwork created by the amazingly talented Luciana Nedelea - discover more of her art here:

I will be donating a few original pieces by her from my personal collection - not these ones - I'd want serious money to consider parting with them. Especially The Space Inbetween piece. That started life as a book cover for a Milton/Lovecraft crossover that still hasn't come together yet, There are lots of lovely details and the Paradise Lost influence is evident so I'll post an article with more detail on my Paradise Lost blog soon.

However, it did find a new purpose and became the design for my back piece as you can see below:


Treat yourself or someone you know to one of these darkly wonderful art prints. They're exclusively licensed so not available anywhere else.


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