Sunday, 25 September 2022

Birth Pains of a Shared Consciousness

 Content Warning: Hippy Overthinking Incoming... 

Just some almost random musings really, but don't say I didn't warn you as I frantically try and type this before the 'too little sleep crust' clears from my eyes...

I recall as a youth reading about shamanistic rituals and their ability to project elsewhere onto the Astral Plane. A shared space that could be accessed by the power of the mind and with knowledge, talent and mastery could communicate with anyone as they slumbered. Those that knew the secret could access the library whether white, black or indeed of none, or all colours at once. Legend teased that all human knowledge - past, present or future could be found within its abstract walls.

There would have to be sacrificesthough. And much time spent learning, before embarking on a spiritual quest to access these mystical tools. A price more than coin always had to be paid. Even then the reality would be shrouded in myth and obscured by symbols so that the truth of it didn't consume the seeker. 

Simple primitive and restrictive nonsense that the clever monkeys trapped between their Heaven and Hell in a miraculous, yet crushingly mundane world could not bear. Some attribute the jump start in genetics to a lucky hand dealt, others to an omnipotent design, and still others to the code itself adapting and surviving to develop a crude tool. A cruel and brutal analogue of nature from which it spawned. A tool of technology outstripping that of patient adaptation and understanding. No balance, just progress.

And so that what was once considered a path reserved for the gifted ones, those lost to insanity, the outcasts and the visionaries are laid open. Exposed to all in its virginal vulnerability, available to (almost) everyone without consideration of merit or accountability 

Primate fists smash their keyboards, hooting and howling their dreams and fears. Then automatically translated by machine slaves into digital shrieking of political, spiritual and emotional dissonance reverberating through the shared blend of the world and virtuality. Technology is the great leveller, the gun defeats the sword, the enabler of the lowest common denominator. The barely understood impulse, lurking in the shadows of the mind snatched into reality with no effort, and so little time for consideration. No pause for knowing that just because they could...

Or is it all just an interesting story for a Midjourney prompt 😎


Ooo a music video seems like a fun idea :-)

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