Saturday, 17 September 2022

A Midjourney Through the Seasons

You have American horror author Heather Miller and my youngest sister in part as the inspiration for my latest Midjourney exploration. Heather because of she posted some seasonal quotes, and Christine for a similar post regarding the seasons. My favourite quote for the seasons is a rather poetical one from a song called Mythistory by a band called Sabbat.

Corn is the gold that will shine in the summertime
Leaves are the emeralds you find in the spring
At autumn they turn and as copper they burn,
then they fall like the diamonds that bleak winter brings.

I posted many seasons ago about this song and you can read more here

I need little excuse to to share this quote, but is also seemed a nice idea to run the quotes through Midjourney. Naturally it didn't go as simply as that although I did try to keep to the original lines as closely as the possible to the original lines as much as possible  for the individual images. This worked fine, except for winter as it didn't seem to recognise that it was a winter scene. Overall though I used iteration through regeneration rather than crafting the prompts and I'm pleased with the final result.

Apart from adding the text I resisted any modifications to the images. It was tempting to playe with some form of transition between the images though :-)


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