Sunday 18 October 2015

Discover Drabbles at the Festival of Drabbles 2015

The Festival of Drabbles 2015 is less than a month away and will be a celebration of all things drabbles for the week starting 9th November. If you haven't heard of drabbles before then they are stories that are exactly 100 words and are a favourite short form of writing. Here's one of mine to give you the idea:

Face in the Mirror

I stare at my face in the mirror and I can’t be sure that it’s really me. My eyes are hunted and bruised from nights of disturbed sleep. A dread has stalked my dreams, twisting them into nightmares that linger even in dawn’s embrace.

In the mirror I glimpse a malformed shadow lurking behind me, its touch is cold upon my skin and fills me with terror. My will fails and I fall into the mirror, my final scream frozen in glass.

I gaze at my reflection and admire my new face, I think I’ll wear it for a while.

Whether you're already a fan of drabbles, or discovering them for a first time the festival welcomes you. Some of the finest drabblists are taking part and there will be amazing stories from a variety of genres to discover.

You can join the festival here on Facebook:

The calendar of events is coming together nicely with some well known names in drabbles. You can see the list of events here:

If you'd like to host an event then let me know!

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