Friday 15 March 2013

On The Prowl (New 100 Word Story)

A new 100 story has been posted in the Indie Bargains newsletter - visit to sign up for the daily newsletter of  free and bargain Kindle books.

This one had a slightly different challenge, we had to write a drabble with "the robin was in suspenders again" in the text, so here is what I put together.

On The Prowl

The sparrow hopped nervously across the grass. His favourite water dish stood proud in the centre of the manicured lawn. It glanced at the neat bushes that bordered the garden. This was cat territory. It paid to be careful. Many a small bird had met its end trying to reach the water. The risk was worth it though, sometimes there would be bread.

It skipped and leapt into the air, taking a snaking path through the air. In the last moment it veered away. A flash of colour, not a cat this time, but the robin was in suspenders again.

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