Friday 1 March 2013

Book Impressions - Mask of the Macabre

I finished David Hayne's 'Mask of the Macabre' last night and it makes two great horror books in a row! It is a collection of four stories that connect with each other. They are set in Victorian London and is written in a style reminiscent of the penny dreadfuls of the time.

The writing is excellent and stands out compared to the more economical modern style we're used to. The description is lovely and the horror of the stories is remarkable.

A must read for horror fans.

Four short tales of Victorian terror, each bound to the other by a chilling thread.

The date is January 10th 1866 and the snow is falling thick on the blood soaked streets of a murderous London…

Mask of The Macabre – A travelling magician appears with a gruesome show. But what secret does it hide?

Doctor Harvey – Bethlem lunatic asylum’s newest patient has a story to tell, but how will he tell it to his doctor? 

Memento Mori – A photographer is given a mysterious assignment with disturbing consequences.

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