Thursday, 14 February 2013

Bloody Valentine Blog Hop

Welcome to the Bloody Valentine Blog Hop. Here we are the anti-valentine where we all show the darker side of love. For my post I have written a new short story.

Happy Valentines

The restaurant is full, a couple sat at every table. Some old, some young. Some pretty, most not. I stand out on this day’s celebration of romance. I’m the only one here on my own. It was the same last year. The same restaurant and the same pitying looks from the waiters. I won’t wait to order this time.

Last year I waited. Like now I was all alone. I was even sat at the same table. They probably played the same CD of love songs. As the night dragged on the patrons kept glancing at me. Furtive looks that compounded my loneliness. Periodically the waiter ghosted to my table. I refused to order any food. I knew she would arrive, she was just late. I only needed to wait and she would come.

As the couples around me left I realised she wasn’t coming. Some looked at me as they departed. One of them, an matronly women in her best cheap  dress granted me a comforting smile. I left the restaurant hungry and alone.

But not this time.

This time I ordered a meal. I ordered the fillet steak with scalloped potatoes. I ordered wine, only half a bottle. Just enough to flavour the food. Not enough to get drunk, I would need my faculties later.
I smiled at the other diners. Some looked back puzzled. I enjoyed the question visible in their expressions. I think some of them were a little frightened of me.

I might be here alone, but I wasn’t lonely. She might have stood me up last year, but this year is different. As I chewed my steak I imagined how she would now be waking. The sedatives should be wearing off. In my mind’s eye I saw her face covered with the gag, her eyes full of panic. She’d discover the bonds that secured her to the chair.

Most importantly of all, she’s be waiting. This would the best Valentine’s Day ever.

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