Wednesday 22 August 2012

Paperback writer and a surprise email

I'm at the end of week 2 of my paid advertising and unfortunately the conventional wisdom has been correct (so far at least). However a fellow EG author (thanks meme!) pointed out that there are intangible benefits as well, which by their very nature are difficult to quantify. These benefits primarily concern raising awareness of the book (more people looking at the page may increase the likelihood of Amazon recommending the book on the people also viewed slot) and awareness of me as an author. While it would have been nicer to have got some extra sales, raising awareness is good as well.

A few days ago I posted about how I considered Paradise Lost to be the greatest story ever told in the same post I mentioned the Paradise Lost: Parallel Prose Edition as an excellent and easy to read for those struggling with the original text. Dennis Danielson, the person who wrote the modern translation will be featuring in a guest author interview in  afew weeks  time.

Over the weekend I also worked on the layout for the paperback version of The Cult of Me. The proofs are currently winging their way across the Atalantic. Assuming that I find no major problems they'll hopefully be available for sale within the next two weeks - exciting!

This morning I also had a pleasant surprise in my inbox. There was an email from Amazon UK with the title - The Cult of Me. My immediate thought was that there was a problem with the book, but openin the email I saw that it is the first featured book in a recommendations list. Hopefully this email has been sent to more people than just me!

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