Monday 6 August 2012

Experiments in advertising

The common wisdom seems to be that paying for advertising is a waste of time for indie books. I can imagine that would be the case, but I like to make my own mistakes :-)  My sales have flat lined a little so I want to look at all the methods for boosting sales.

The big improvenment should come when I release the sequel, now this is obviously some time I away - I want it to be good, not rushed! However advertising may help provide a short term boost for the first book. Eventually I'll be adding a page to this blog summarising all the methods I've tried which will be of use to other authors publishing their own books.

So this experiment in advertising, when does it start? It starts this week. The first was paying a modest fee to get listed on the Best Indie Book website. That's done and up and you can find my ad here:

The more visits I get, the higher in rank my book goes, hopefully some will buy the book as well. For $20 the book is listed for 3 months, so we'll see how it does.

The other experiemnt starts on Wednesday, here I've bought banner space on the UK Kindle Users forums.

I'll be tracking the effects and I'll report over the next few weeks how the promotions go.

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