Monday, 30 July 2012

Pounding the streets

Following on from my earlier post (Spreading the word) a good friend of mine printed some small posters and business cards. So this morning I wandered around the nearest town to see if there was anywhere I could display the posters or leave cards. My first stop was the library and for a small fee they'll display the poster on their notice board for two months.

Unfortunately that good start wasn't an omen, most of the town centre was less than keen to help out. Thankfully the local book shop agreed to place a poster behind the counter and a small sandwich shop will put it in their front window. So not the greatest start, but the book's title and cover is now being seen in some places it wasn't before.

This afternoon I did the same thing, only this time in my local village. Everyone calls it a village, but it has some 3,500 households, so it is a reasonably sized one :-) Again I started with the local library and once again it proved a good place to start - they will display the poster and hand out cards to anyone interested. Some of the local businesses also agreed to display the poster and hand out a few cars.

A local charity: Young People Littleport also agreed to help. They provide a variety of useful local support and services. I've included a link to their site in the useful links section to the right.

On a not so local scale my good friend has volunteered to hand out some of the cards and flyers in London, where he works.

So all in all, not a bad day of shameless self promotion :-)


  1. Thanks for sharing. I had the bright idea of using the back of my husbands business flyers to promote. Hadn't thought about the library.

  2. It's a good idea, does your writing compliment your husband's business? If not you might want to be careful to alienate customers or readers. I had a load of business cards printed for handing it if I meet anyone who might be interested in reading.


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