Wednesday, 25 July 2012

A slow, but positive start

Sales have trickled in, which is nice. I'm not going to be retiring soon, but that's hardly surprising as I'm a new and more importantly, unknown author. A few sales in the UK and Europe, but nothing in the US so far.

I have received my first Amazon review, a glowing recommendation - and no I didn't write it!

Naturally I'm now spending my time pressing F5 tosee if the numbers go up and was pleasantly surprised to see my book in the top ten Fantasy --> Horror category. It didn't stay there for long, but it's still quite a morale booster :-)

I'm dedicating time to help promote the book, if anyone has any suggestions then feel free to share. I'm also helping at my local community magazine (see the Littleport Life link in the panel to the right), we have a print deadline soon so that'll keep me busy as well. When things calm down a little I'lllook into putting together a short story or two that I'll put on this blog. I have a few ideas I want to play with before starting on the next novel.

And most importantly, it's my birthday on Sunday, so looking forward to that :-)


  1. THE CULT of ME is featured on INDIE SPOTLIGHT

    Drop by and give Michael a "like" or a "tweet" for his birthday :)

    1. Excellent - and yes I happily accept tweets and likes for my birthday :-)


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