Sunday 11 October 2015

Festival of Drabbles 2015 - Calendar of Events

The Festival of Drabbles 2015 is a week long celebration of drabbles taking place between November 9th and 15th. Drabbles are a short form of story writing that is exactly 100 words long. If you haven't joined the festival yet then you can do so here:

On Facebook:
On Goodreads:

Below is the calendar of events for the festival. If you want to take part by hosting a drabble related event then post the details in the comments section below and I will add it to this calender post. I will update this post with links as the events are live.

Sunday 8th November

Monday 9th November

Tuesday 10th November

Wednesday 11th November

Thursday 12th November

Friday 13th November

Saturday 14th November

Sunday 15th November

Blogs and websites taking part but details not finalised yet:


  1. Hi Michael. I've successfully ran a few Drabble Workshops so if that is what you are after I am available on the Tuesday 10th.
    Drabble Workshop - Why write a Drabble? etc.

  2. Daily Drabble over festival on Facebook timeline, Drablr, WordPress and Blogger

    1. Thanks - I've added your blog.

    2. Sorry Michael, I've been a bit busy and didn''t read the instructions properly. I commit to a daily drablble, either a new one, or one of my favorites