Thursday 1 January 2015

Eighth Drabble of Christmas - The Santa Nick Hordes by Andrew Lawston

In the eighth drabble of Christmas Andrew Lawston reveals one of the mysteries of Christmas...

The Santa Nick Hordes by Andrew Lawston

Santa waddled through his busy workshop, whistling. There were lots of toys. How could one fat man scale so many chimneys in one night?

Thoughtful, he noticed a side door covered in warning stickers. He gave a jolly shrug and wandered through.

The warehouse was packed with glass cylinders, each filled with bubbling fluid and an indistinct humanoid shape.

Santa caught a movement in the nearest cylinder. A twinkly eye stared out from under a red hat which bore a single white bud on its tip, waiting to blossom into a pompom .

It croaked. “Ho ho – killlll meeee – ho.”

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