Thursday 8 November 2012

The Devil's Smile (100 Word Story)

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The Devil's Smile

"You have the devil's smile." That's what she told me; before we kissed unseen under the bloated moon. I remember the air was chill. Wisps of our breath escaped into the air as we parted our kiss. "That was a devil's kiss." She teased, with an expression so coy.
"What is it?" She exclaimed, a hint of panic trembled in her voice. She had seen the glint of steel in the moon's cold light. "You have the devil's eyes!" She cursed as I plunged the knife deep.
"I have the devil's smile." I whispered alone and faded into the night.

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  1. Nice job! You brought it all together in a 100 words.

    I followed this link from a Goodreads post.

    Thanks for sharing.